A Solution in Search of a Problem

by ARC Legal Funding

A Solution in Search of a Problem

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Not one.

Last month, at a statehouse hearing in Indianapolis, not a single instance could be cited of an Indiana resident who was harmed by relying upon consumer legal funding to meet their family’s challengers.

Under direct questioning from legislators, not the witness for a state regulatory agency, nor a state lobbyist representing the most powerful insurance companies could name a single case, not one, of an Indiana citizen who had lodged a complaint about using consumer legal funding.

Yet, consumer legal funding, which provides a financial lifeline to citizens when they most need it, is under attack in Indiana.

Why? The answer is simple. Money. Big money.  The powerful insurance companies have it and want to keep more and more of it — even in the face of deserving claims for injured parties.

It’s the age old story of power and leverage. For years and years, large insurance companies have taken advantage of this power and leverage over injured parties who desperately need a quick settlement to their case. Now, thanks to consumer legal funding, citizens can both meet their financial needs and receive a fair and just settlement.  Now that Indiana citizens are on level footing with insurance companies, Indiana policymakers should keep it that way.