Brandy’s Road to Recovery: Helping an Injured Floridian Fight Back

by ARC Legal Funding

Imagine driving home from work and suddenly your vehicle is struck by another vehicle, through no fault of your own.  The initial shock of the accident is traumatizing and confusing.  The medics have arrived and are examining you for injuries. Police officers are on the scene to help assist and assess the situation. Onlookers have gathered to help those in need and provide details of what they saw.  Everyone on the scene is trying to help get the situation under control so that those involved can quickly get on the road to recovery.

Now imagine several months have passed since the accident, your injuries are lingering, you are out of work, your bills are piling up and BIG INSURANCE is still refusing to settle your claim in a fair manner.  BIG INSURANCE knows the longer they wait, the more desperate you will become, and a settlement for a less than fair price is imminent.  BIG INSURANCE has created a road block to your road to recovery.   

Meet Brandy from Florida.  She is going through a similar situation after being involved in an automobile accident.  She suffered significant injuries that limited her ability to work.  She lost her health insurance and her bills have begun to pile up.  She needs money just to pay for her everyday expenses, but more importantly just wants to get back to her normal way of life.

Unfortunately, like millions of other Americans, Brandy’s road to recovery has been blocked by BIG INSURANCE and their ever increasing tactics of delaying legitimate claims.  Brandy, however, wasn’t going to be intimidated by these delay tactics and instead decided to seek the help of a consumer legal funding company.   

Through the help of consumer legal funding, Brandy was able to secure funds to help pay for her everyday living expenses, like rent, food and utilities.  This allowed Brandy to continue to seek a full and fair litigation claim against BIG INSURANCE without the pressures of wondering if she could afford to eat the next day.          

“I didn’t get into this car accident on purpose and I don’t intend to profit from it either.” Brandy said.  “I just want to be back to where I was before.  [The access to funding] helped me get back on the road to recovery.”

Brandy, like thousands of other folks across the country, was able to rely on the important services consumer legal funding provides.  The funding creates an avenue for those in need to secure non-recourse funding to help support themselves and pay their everyday living expenses.  It is through the ability of this funding that allows those folks to continue to seek a fair and just settlement for injuries they sustained in an accident that was not their fault.

Like those who come together at the scene of the accident, consumer legal funding is there after the accident to help provide a path to the road to recovery.