While Big Insurance Continues to Disregard Consumers in Alabama, Consumer Legal Funding Continues to Help Those Who Need a Little Boost.

by ARC Legal Funding

For far too long, big insurance companies have been preying on financially desperate consumers in Alabama to help pad their billion dollar ledger sheets. By delaying the settlement process for automobile claims, big insurance increases their chances of settling with a consumer for pennies compared to the fair market value of an injury claim.  It was when consumer legal funding began providing services in Alabama, that consumers finally had an alternative to big insurance companies’ delay, delay, defend, tactics for injury claims. 

For consumers like Angela from Baileyton, Alabama or Christopher from Bessemer, Alabama, they no longer had to worry about their daily living expenses and could finally stand up to large pocketed insurance companies to fight for what they deserved, a fair settlement on their injury claims.  For big insurance companies, consumer legal funding has become an obstacle to their greedy bottom line delay tactics, and they want nothing more than consumer legal funding to disappear.   

But a disappearing consumer legal funding industry wouldn’t help Angela and her family from Baileyton, Alabama.  “My House was being repossessed (as I waited for my insurance company to settle).  [Consumer legal funding] gave me enough [money] to not lose [the house].”

It also wouldn’t help Christopher from Bessemer, Alabama who had run out of money haggling with his insurance company and needed a little financial boost to see his claim through. “[Consumer legal funding] will allow me to pay for my rent, power bill and purchase much needed groceries.“ 

Big Insurance, along with their mouthpiece, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, want consumers, legislators or anyone else who will listen to believe consumer legal funding is bad for consumers and a serious risk to the future stability of the U.S. judicial system. 

These comments by big insurance and the Chamber are, of course, false as you can see from the testimonials from Angela and Christopher.   These are merely scare tactics they use as diversions to hide their true intentions, which include getting rid of consumer legal funding in Alabama.  They prefer to return to their old ways of doing business, by forcing consumers like Angela and Christopher into less-then-fair settlement offers, saving insurance companies billions of dollars, while leaving consumers desperate to keep their homes, pay their bills or put food on the table.