AZ Senate sides with big insurance over the little guy. Arizonans look to House to stand up for them

by ARC Legal Funding

The Arizona Senate, today, took a step to eliminate 3 principles fundamental to the liberties of Arizonans: a free market economy, the protection of personal property rights, and access to a fair justice system. The Senate advanced SB 1403, a bill that would cripple the availability of consumer legal funding, a product Arizonans have used to level the playing field against behemoth insurance companies who often offer accident victims far less than the fair value of actual damages.

The supporters of SB 1403 claim the bill will make a better legal environment. They claim it is “tort reform.” Neither is true.

The truth is that SB 1403 benefits only one very specific group: large insurance companies who seek to protect their “claims profit.” Consumers are the ones who are getting tossed overboard.

4 states have taken common sense steps to regulate the consumer legal funding industry in a way that ensures people have access to an important financial tool. We urge lawmakers in the House to reject the pressures of the lobbyist hired by the Insurance industry and follow the path that allows consumer legal funding to assist those who need it most, instead of one that erodes Arizona’s principles of justice and economic freedom.